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New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

This is a cautionary tale.  Within a year of arriving in Scottsdale, Arizona, I began working with Jim Dieters, Jim Flick’s, Assistant Director of Instruction. I chose Dieters because he was here year round while Flick went back to Michigan … Continue reading

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Show Me The Money!

Golf Digest has a very interesting article that headlines their website, “The Golf Digest 50: The top earners in golf, on and off the course.” In a 50-picture pictorial, they detail tournament winnings and outside income to include endorsement income … Continue reading

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The Most Frequent Question

So I’ll be playing golf at the club with members I haven’t met before and somewhere in there, they’ll ask, “So, Bill, are you retired?” That’s not the most frequent question. And I always respond, “No, I just look like … Continue reading

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Everyday Miracles

I was reading Jeff Rude’s column in Golf Week this morning, “McDowell authors life-changing season in ’10,” and it was almost like déjà vu all over again.  He was writing about U.S. Open winner, Graham McDowell’s, incredible year and how … Continue reading

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I Need A Shower

I came upon something this weekend that crossed the line. It’s the GOLF Magazine and, Dubious Achievements 2010, a snarky, mean-spirited, 41-page pictorial put together by Mike Walker, Senior Editor. I’m not even going to provide a link to … Continue reading

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You Get More Of What You Fear

The idea for this post first crystallized for me a couple of months ago. I was playing a casual round of golf at home and as we arrived at the tee of a 400-yard, uphill hole, I could see the … Continue reading

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Christmas In The Desert

The bad news is that our club is closed on Christmas day. The good news is that you can still play the courses. But you have to walk. There are no carts, there are no services and you can’t tee … Continue reading

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As promised, for those rainy, snowy days when you have nothing else to do, the In Case You Missed It Page. You’ll find the new tab that will take you to the page on the header. There you’ll find links … Continue reading

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Compassionate Hearts

Since ego is such a dominant force in our lives, one of the most powerful stoppers the ego uses is the risk of embarrassment. “What would people think if I missed this putt?” “I didn’t quite catch that iron. Did … Continue reading

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The Long Road to Mastery

We look around at the stars on the PGA Tour and we feel like we’ve known them forever, that they’ve been around forever, that they just sort of came out on Tour and started playing competently. We feel this way … Continue reading

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