Davis Love III: One Last Look Back

Two readers emailed this post at Golf.com by Davis Love III. I had to pass it along because it is so humble, so responsible, so joyous and so wistfully sad, it has to be brought as high up into the light of day as possible. It has to be made a part of the record. It has to be the definitive last word on the cohesiveness of one of the strongest teams ever to play in the Ryder Cup.

I’ll take the blame for the U.S.’s stunning loss in the Ryder Cup, but it’s still the highlight of my career,” is his sober, fond remembrance of his experience as the 2012 Ryder Cup captain. It is so well-written, I immediately began looking for an, “as told to” byline. There wasn’t one.

In this brilliantly written piece, he weaves a concise story that begins in the immediate aftermath of the debacle, sitting on a porch off an empty team room Sunday night, alone. He takes us on the journey of the three days and gives us behind-the-scenes insights that I don’t ever remember having seen before. At least not in such a personal way.

He talks about all of the pairings’ strategies, the collaborative decision making across the entire team, even down to the Captain’s picks and who played and who sat.

He talks about all of the extraordinary, masterful play…and all the dumb luck that’s also a part of the game.

He talks about people like Michael Jordan and Bill Murray and the ways in which they helped motivate the team.

As he unfolds his story, your heart aches for him, because the heartache in his writing is palpable.

But most of all, in his taking sole responsibility for the loss of one of the finest things he’s ever done in his golf career, there is no truer measure of the man.

Davis’s father, the late Davis Love Jr., was a PGA teaching pro and one of the best there was. He was from the deep South, Arkansas, and coupled with being shaped by the gentlemanly precepts of the game of golf, was a gentleman’s gentleman. Davis, without a shred of doubt, is his father’s son.

To access his post, you can either click the link in the title above or this link here.

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