Sean Foley Interview

Brian Wacker, writing at, has an extensive two-part interview with Tiger Woods’ coach, Sean Foley, that is just lush.

Want to know a little more about how the mystery man and mystery coach got together? This is pretty good. For example, had you ever heard that at 15 years old, Foley had already heard about a 14-year-old Tiger Woods out in California and asserted to a childhood friend that he was going to be better than anybody?

There’s also an interesting 4-minute introductory video where he explains why he does what he does and features interviews with some of his less famous students. Here’s Part I:

Sean Foley Interview Part I.

In Part II, Foley talks about Tiger’s friendship with Rory McIlroy and he imparts his four-part philosophy of life. And he is very thoughtful and clear-eyed in all of it. There is also a collection of short instructional videos to give you a sense of his teaching ideas.

There’s also another 4-minute video that reveals more of Foley’s life philosophy and has comments from the PGA Tour player who gave Foley his start. Here’s Part II:

Sean Foley Interview Part II.

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