Fun With Statistics

With the end of the PGA Tour’s regular season, the Tour looks back on the year with ShotLink, the distance measuring system used at all tournaments. It makes for very interesting reading.

For example, in Highs and Lows, we see that Steve Stricker had the longest drive at 424 yards—it was downhill and downwind big time. Those familiar with the Tour venues should be able to guess where. On the other hand, Aaron Baddeley had the shortest drive at just 24 yards…and still made par! Made me feel a whole lot better about some of my worst drives.

In By The Numbers, we discover that 17,986 times, players didn’t even have to bother putting, while it took one poor soul 6 putts to finish a hole in San Antonio. He took some solace in the fact that there were 11 guys who weren’t laughing all that hard: they each had a 5-putt green.

In Best and Worst, we have a stats freak’s delight. In an array of categories too numerous to take the time to count, ShotLink reveals the best and worst of the Tour. On the one hand, you can stare longingly at the unattainable while dreaming big and on the other, see just how bad you can play and still keep your job. And perhaps come away with a little more patience with yourself: these guys are the best in the world and they can play “real bad” too.

What a game.

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