Still More on Jim Flick

Tuesday’s post was on my personal experience with the teaching legend, Jim Flick.

Casting around for material for Wednesday’s post, I came across this article at by Roger Schiffman, “Jim Flick: “A Teacher’s Teacher.”

I began reading it just because of my own experiences with Jim, “First I’ll read this and then I’ll look for material for Wednesday’s post.” 

But as I began reading, I marveled at the pageantry of the man’s life. Schiffman detailed an extensive list of all of the players that Jim learned from including the likes of Hogan, Snead, Ballesteros and their peers.

Schiffman also had a list of other teachers that Jim influenced, including Chuck Cook and Peter Kostis.

And suddenly I realized that Jim Flick was not only a giant presence in today’s world of golf, he was also a direct link to so much of it’s past.

And for Desert Mountain Club members, Schiffman also noted his tutelage of two of our juniors, Phillip Francis and Esther Choe, both nationally ranked and now budding Tour pros, Esther just finishing first on the Symetra Tour to win her LPGA Tour card. We remember them when…

And this post of Schiffman’s is another opportunity to remember and appreciate the great Jim Flick. He’s left a huge hole.

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2 Responses to Still More on Jim Flick

  1. Jim Rifkin says:

    Hi Bill ..I can remember Jim holding court at the back of Renegade and during lessons, many students would come by..Jim had a nickname for each one..he always called me “Coach” for whatever reason, and referred to himself as “old Sourpuss”..he was never without a story of his many famous golf contacts….and loved his team of Susie Corona, Jim Dieters, and Lonnie.

  2. Bill Rand says:

    Wasn’t it a grand time? And wasn’t he a grand man? Thanks for the comment, Jim.