Tiger Woods’ Financial Issues

It started with this tweet from something called Roopstigo:

@chambleebrandel Wild piece by Selena Roberts on Tiger’s internal struggles & how decaying finances are a mental block http://reader.roopstigo.com/view/roopster/story/645/#/chapter/1/ …

It was a tweet to Brandel Chamblee, the Golf Channel’s crack commentator, from the new sports website, Roopstigo. We found out about it because after following the link, he discovered that he was quoted extensively on his assessment of Tiger’s game and his relationship with his coach, Sean Foley. So he re-tweeted it. 

“How He Lost the Grip on Greatness: Tiger’s Money Trap,” is written by Roopstigo’s Founder and CEO and award-winning writer, Selena Roberts. Over her 25-year career, she’s written for Sports Illustrated and the New York Times. Before I knew any of this, I was amazed by the financial details she was able to unearth about Tiger’s empire. It was all explained by her bio.

The basic assertions are Chamblee’s that Foley isn’t doing him any good: he has converted Tiger from a natural and instinctive player to a devote of the science of the swing. Coupled with financial setbacks as a result of his fall from grace, anybody’s mind would be distracted.

It’s a very interesting article which rises above gossip because of its focus on golf mastery issues.

Note: If you find it interesting too, Roberts wrote another behind-the-scenes piece on how Lance Armstrong got away with it all those years. You can access it on the home page.

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