Dottie Pepper: Well That Was Quick

Last Tuesday I wrote a romantic piece, “Dottie Pepper: Home is Where The Heart Is,” about Dotty Pepper’s odyssey through the world of professional golf and a second career in on-course announcing which finally led her back home to her New York roots. And I linked to Ron Sirak’s lovely 2½ page story which was its inspiration.

She had to retire from NBC to get back home, but she was at peace with the decision and happy to move on to her third career, serving on the board of the PGA of America to get more juniors involved in golf. Ah, bliss.

This Tuesday I’m writing about her enthusiastic response to ESPN when they came calling to get her to come back to announcing golf. They have enticed her to come back to do just the majors on the men’s and ladie’s tours, beginning with the U.S. Open at Merion in June. 

Here’s a link to all the details in the story at “Dottie Pepper signs deal with ESPN to return to broadcasting.” The deal allows her to keep doing her work on the PGA of America board and at the same time, come back to a job she really loved, but whose travel sucked the joy out of it.

As the short article points out, she only agreed to the deal once it was clear that this would in no way diminish or curtail the work of her friend and mentor, Judy Rankin, a master in her own right.

As I wrote in my original piece about her retirement, “Dottie Pepper: Goodbye to a Master:”

“When everyone was tweeting her off on her merry way in her last stint at the PNC Father-Son Challenge last weekend, she was overwhelmed. Knowing she was totally committed to her new path, I simply tried to keep the door open a crack and to express the love she had garnered by who she had become:”

We’re all just hoping you consider coming back to us some day.

When I wrote that, there was no possibility that would ever happen. And that was still the case even last Tuesday as far as we all knew. So I am pleased that my tweet eventually turned her head and she is, indeed, coming back to us even on a part-time basis.

You are welcome, golf fans far and wide. It’s all part of my full-service, golf mastery blogging. I was really in the present when I wrote that tweet, so it also showcases the benefits of the ideas we examine here.

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