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Staring across the vast wilderness between today to the next PGA Tour event, the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, in Kapalua (Maui), Hawaii, on January 6th, I wondered what I would use as a catalyst for my daily posts.

I’m still wondering about that, but I also came up with the idea of putting together an, In Case You Missed It Page. The idea is to cull through back posts to cobble together a sort of “greatest hits” page, not only for your edification on days when I miss a post, but also as a place you can send new readers to. The Catch-Up Page serves that purpose to some extent by highlighting selected posts that give the reader a pretty good synopsis of the interests and direction of the blog, but it’s static as of this writing.

I thought the ICYMI Page would be a sort of rolling collection of the most memorable or impactful posts. I’ve had the experience of finding a new blog I really liked, but was always left wondering about all the historical richness I might have missed. A linear chronology just doesn’t seem to cut it: should I read this? How about this one? Who has the time?

Would you like to help? You know why you read the blog and what you liked. Here’s an opportunity to suggest your favorites. You may do this with or without attribution, reasons, city, state, country, etc., but it would be fun to know. And you can do so by either posting a comment to this post, or by sending me a private email using the Contact button at the bottom of the right hand column.

I envision it as a sort of garden I’ll be tending; there will certainly be perennials, but there will also be older posts that age over to time to be replaced by the new shoots.

Help or not, I’ll be putting it together over the next week or so, so you have some time. And even after it’s up, there’ll be changes, so it’s not a race and there’s no deadline. 

But I’m really looking forward to your thoughts.

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