Inbee Park: Master Putter

I have been raving about Inbee Park ever since she surfaced as a top-tier player on the LPGA Tour. Her performance particularly in the just completed U.S. Open attracted my attention for the entire four days.

Others are noticing too. Tim Rosaforte writes a terrific piece in Golf Digest on what some of the world’s best coaches, putting coaches, sports psychologists and players  are saying about her. In “Inbee Park impresses for many reasons,” they express their amazement and talk about her continuing quest to win four majors in a row and perhaps even five since that’s the LPGA’s annual count.

Plus, there’s a wonderful relaxed photo of her that captures the gentle side of her personality. She’s standing in what appears to be a New York City street with her Open trophy — perhaps for the Letterman show — her hair down and with a lovely, peaceful smile on her face. That smile and the centered way of being it projects is worth studying a moment or two.

The piece is very good, the photo is a study in something she rarely shares with us.

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