Trevor Immelman Wins His Card Back

Forgive me, please, but I am always going to be attracted to dreamers who actually pull their dreams off.

South African, Trevor Immelman, had two wins on the PGA Tour, the 2006 Cialis Western Open and the 2008 Masters. As a measure of the importance and prestige of winning a major, I would bet that only his closest friends and family remembered the Western Open win. But if you win a major, especially one so revered as the Masters, people remember you. 

And so it was with some dismay when Immelman began to slide in 2009; few knew it was because he had wrist surgery. 2010 was a flat year as he continued to recover and 2011 was a strong year making a lot of cuts (19) and $1.2 million.

But the Tour is a relentless meritocracy, and when he didn’t crack the top 125 to keep his card in either 2012 or 13, his five-year exemption for the Masters win ran out and he was destined to the Finals to win his card back.

He was apparently quite motivated by his circumstances because he won the first one, the Hotel Fitness Championship, by one stroke. He shot an impressive, 67, 66, 69, 66 and 20-under par. Not only do the Top 25 money winners at the end of the four tournaments win their cards, so do the four guys who win them.

Now Immelman plays to earn the highest priority in his category (126 to 200 in FedExCup points list) and also just to keep his hand in it. When you get it going like that, you want to keep it going.

The staff put together a nice wrap-up on all this if you hunger for more details.

As for me, I just love Cinderella stories.

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