Jordan Spieth: Graduating Again

Jordan Spieth has taken the world of professional golf by storm. I’ve written about his meteoric rise a number times to the point where I thought I was overdoing it. Apparently not.

The Golf Channel’s, Jason Sobel, wrote a great piece that added more to the Jordan Spieth lore. Here’s a pull quote that details just how “something-from-nothing” Spieth’s journey has been this year:

“It’s been an incredible year,” he says without overstatement. “I played the Thursday qualifier to get into the Monday qualifier for San Diego this year, which was my first professional round that I ever played. So that’s an interesting route when I think back on it, but if I start really dwelling on the year, then I think I lose focus on the present in the tournament and especially in the Presidents Cup. I don’t want to do that at this time.”

And he’s wise beyond his years too. You can read the rest of the article at, “Tour Champ. win may be next for 20-year-old Spieth.” 

And now, Wednesday, comes a short item from John Holmes at, “Phil Mickelson ‘mentors’ Jordan Spieth at Tour Championship,” about yet another graduation for Spieth.

Mickelson famously loves playing big-stakes practice rounds to simulate the pressure of playing in the tournament. And he has taken to mentoring young players he’s taken an interest in by inviting them into the game.

Last year it was Keegan Bradley, this year Jordan Spieth. So it was Mickelson and Bradley against Steve Stricker and Spieth with the latter team wiping the floor with the former. This immediately suggested possible Presidents Cup pairings for Spieth with both Mickelson and Stricker because Stricker was the one who did all the damage.

And this also suggested a tremendous confidence boost for both Stricker and Spieth in this week’s Tour Championship.

Speith, the guy who began his year Thursday qualifying for the Monday qualifier in San Diego.

As I’ve said before, I just love this guy’s story! This just doesn’t happen.

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