FedExCup: Successful Procrastinators

I love stuff like this because it is so rare and because it celebrates success.

I came across a fascinating piece of work at, “FedExCup history: Bubble busters,” that looked back over the history of the FedExCup to see how many players managed to play their way into each of The Playoffs tournaments from outside the diminishing cut lines:

  • top 125 into the Barclays,
  • top 100 into the Deutsche Bank,
  • top 70 into the BMW and
  • top 30 into the Tour Championship.
  • (Some cut lines were different in the early years and noted.)

For example, to get into The Barclays, the first of The Playoffs tournaments, you had to be in the top 125 players after playing in the last regular tournament of the year, the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro. So who came into Wyndham outside the top 125 and played well enough to leave inside it? Nobody in 2013 and only one in 2012. Three in 2011, but only one again in 2010.

They did this for each year for each Playoff tournament. Who sits down and figures stuff like this out? Because it is unattributed, it was probably compiled year by year by staff, the keepers of all things about the PGA Tour.

So thanks to them for keeping track of all of these snapshots of success. It allows us to dwell on the concept of “possibility” as we scan their work.

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