Web.com Tour: Tour Championship Begins For the Last of the PGA Tour Cards

After getting through the first three tournaments of The Finals of the Web.com Tour, the Tour Championship begins on Thursday. This is the tournament the players have been beating their brains out for all year long. And now it’s here; a 72-hole chance for the last 25 PGA Tour cards for the 2013-2014 season.

The PGA Tour allocated 50 to this process; 25 of them have already been won by the top 25 on the Web.com regular season money list and the other 25 will be awarded to the top 25 on The Finals money list.

All 50 cards are then thrown into the hopper to determine the priority rankings of those cards for next year. It’s based on the money list for the four Finals tournaments and will determine how many tournaments those players get into. The guys ranked 1 through 5 will be getting into a lot and the guys ranked 46 through 50, not so many. The saving grace for them are the periodic reshuffles to reward the guys playing the best. 

The field consisted of the top 75 player on the Web.com Tour money list for the year; the top 25 will have already earned their cards lacking only knowing where they will stand on the priority list. The remaining 50 Web.com players will be competing with those 75 players who finished 126 to 200 on the PGA Tour for the remaining 25 PGA Tour cards.

You can check the, “Web.com Tour Finals Priority Rankings,” for familiar names like Trevor Immelmann, Patrick Cantlay, Bud Cauley, Sean O’Hare and Ricky Barnes to see how they do through the weekend. As of Thursday morning, all of them are inside the top 50.

It will be a quiet weekend for us as we await next week’s Presidents Cup. But perhaps we can imagine what a big deal this tournament is to these players and find a little bit of excitement in it for ourselves as the weekend unfolds.

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