Michael Greller: Jordan Spieth’s Caddie and How He Got the Job

Jason Sobel, writing at The Golf Channel, churns out another of his charming and insightful articles about the people in professional golf.

In this installment, “Greller’s decision to caddie for Spieth pays off,” Sobel details how a sixth-grade teacher and itinerant part-time caddie became fascinated with caddying at the amateur game level. Over time he was able to pick up better and better bags, all the while tending to his first love, teaching.

But then he picked up Spieth’s, they gelled early and often and he took a year’s sabbatical to see if this really was his true calling. 

Sobel goes into some nice detail about the extensiveness of a caddie’s responsibilities — it ain’t just toting the bag and getting yardages — and the interplay and relationship between player and caddie.

As for seconds on my nomination of this article, here are four comments from his readers:

I don’t understand why TGC does not do more stories like this, instead of the tabloid trash they regurgitate all the time. Good positive and uplifting story.

I agree…there are so many good stories out there to be told….and not every story needs to be about a star golfer or up and comer.

What a nice, positive story – one that readers appreciate reading!

They are “Livin’ the Dream” … Looks like they both understand and appreciate that.

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One Response to Michael Greller: Jordan Spieth’s Caddie and How He Got the Job

  1. Bob fitzpatrick says:

    Golf skills along with desire and ambition are qualities that help make champions. But the

    ability to recognize who you are and make good decisions along the way enable a

    successful life. Spieth, thus far, reveals himself to be a quality guy with solid values.

    Is it any wonder then that Michael Greller appears to be cut from the same cloth! As for the

    previous comment re the writer and his subject matter, I strongly agree. In this era, far too much

    hype is provided to the pop culture so prevalent today spewing forth the tripe that’s so