Readers’ 1-Year Top-25 Posts – Q3

Every three months, I update the “Readers’ 1-Year Top-25 Posts” tab. It’s an opportunity for readers to see what others saw as the best posts in the last twelve months.

New to the list is a post I wrote on how to integrate one of Hunter Mahan’s swing tips and a post on the resounding success of the European Solheim Cup team.

The Golf Channel’s Holly Sanders’ pictorial in Golf Digest continues to thrive as her ratings surely do. On a more serious note, my homage to the great Jim Flick in, “RIP, Jim Flick,” days after his passing continues to draw people to who this great man was. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 

Speaking of which, Jack Nicklaus was nice enough to sit down with me for, “Jack Nicklaus: Mastery Interview.” Given the giant that he is in the game, it was almost surreal. But I managed to stay in the present pretty much and he didn’t disappoint.

As a measure of how intense the issue of anchored putters became, it’s interesting how many people came to read, “Anchored Putters.” It was not a surprise that the USGA decided to ban anchoring, but interest in the topic continues apace.

One of my personal favorites continues to be, “Why Tiger Changed His Swing.” Now two years old, it looks at the seemingly incomprehensible decision by Tiger to go through a third major swing overhaul and explains the kinesthetic reasons a player might risk that. And that drew attention to his coach in, “Sean Foley Interview.” A very interesting guy who continues to have Tiger’s full attention.

“How to Handle Yourself When Things Go Wrong,” about a flood on the LPGA Tour and four superstars who missed the cut on the European Tour continues to draw interest. It confirmed that Commissioner Mike Whan is a genius and that those superstars are superstars for a reason.

It was also rewarding that readers enjoyed more eclectic posts such as the long-lived, “Jerry James: One of Golf’s Characters,” or even, “Self-Efficacy Versus Confidence,” both what this blog is all about.

In any event, there’s something for everyone here and perhaps some that you missed. I hope you enjoy revisiting some of your old favorites or discovering new ones that could be.

The next update will be December 31st.

Until then…

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