A Mental Golf Tip From “The Voice”

Have you discovered NBC’s, “The Voice?” It’s the mega-hit reality show devoted to finding singers based just on their voices. In the blind auditions, the four coaches, singing superstars, Adam Levine, Ceelo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, sit in high-backed, swivel chairs with their backs to the stage.

A singer comes out on stage and, with well-produced musical accompaniment, sings their heart out with the intention of getting at least one of the coaches to press the button on their chairs to turn them around to see the singer. That’s the all important signal that, “I want you on my team!” Until then, their decision is only based on the voice that they hear. If more than one coach turns around, the singer gets to choose which coach they want to work with as long as they last on the show. 

Each of the coaches selects 12 singers to work with. Once all the teams are assembled, the show moves from the blind auditions phase into the battle rounds. The coach pairs his singers up and pair-by-pair, selects a song for them to perform as a duet. In the rehearsal studio, they receive coaching from the coach and a celebrity coach during the rehearsal sessions.

In this particular battle between two Team Blake singers, the celebrity coach was Cher. Austin and Brian were introduced to the song, each had a go at it and then they all worked out how the duet would flow and they rehearsed that.

Both were very talented singers, Austin more a fully-engrossed, heartfelt country singer, and Brian, a bit caught up in meeting the technical demands of the song, the Bee Gees, “To Love Somebody.” Cher gave him some coaching about just being into the song and not so much thinking while he was singing.

Afterward, she expanded on her thoughts in a 10-second clip for the viewers:

Brian has to not be aware of himself so much. It’s too cerebral. The moment you start to judge how you’re doing, you’re done.

The truth of it hit me right away and my mind immediately flashed back to all those Champions Tour Monday Qualifiers I played in, all the first rounds of those Q-Schools and just how wound up I was with being with my nervousness and fear of making a mistake. Only in the very first round of my very first Q-School was I so invested in where I wanted to hit the ball that it crowded out all of my nerves and fears. With bad trouble all around, it was a perfect, high, majestic tee shot that came down in the dead middle of the fairway.

And I thought, “How does Cher know so much about golf?”

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