LPGA Tour: A Modern-Day Genealogy

There is a niche blog out there named Mostly Harmless that is devoted to women’s competitive golf. There are a number of contributors to the site who write mostly about professional golf but also bridge the divide to amateur golf. Some write in their own names and others write in their “nom de golf.”

What comes out of this collage is a thorough and sometimes wonky discussion of the leading edge of the game. But what also makes the site worth visiting is that you will sometime find posts like, “The LPGA’s Top Rivalries: Generation Gaps, December 2013 Edition,” by The Constructivist. 

In this post, he has thoughtfully grouped over 100 active LPGA players into logical groups according to the years that they came out on Tour beginning with the 1994-1996 Sorenstam Generation. He looks at their winnings, their wins and their major wins. As you skim through the other generations you can see that this has been put together by someone who is paying close attention to the Tour and its players.

It’s very reminiscent of the statistician in the baseball movie, “Billy Ball,” who knew the stats of every player in the game and delighted and amazed us with his recall and mastery of the facts.

This post isn’t that, but still, it’s a body of work that anyone can appreciate. And with the LPGA slowly rising back to some prominence, it also serves as a convenient roadmap to anyone interested in learning who the “players” are.

“Program! Program! Getcha program right here! Ya can’t tell the players without a program!”

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