’s Tour Pro Anonymous Poll

This is captivating. You know how we’re always trying to imagine what the Tour players are really thinking? Well, has come to the rescue with a slick and easy, 35-photo slideshow, Tour Pro Anonymous Poll.

They gave nearly 200 PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour players the guarantee of anonymity in return for their candid, pull-no-punches opinions on such things as:

  • Whether Tiger should have withdrawn from last year’s Masters after his incorrect drop on 15?
  • If you had to pick one player to make a putt to save your life who would it be?
  • Who has the best swing on the LPGA?
  • How many books have you read in the last year?
  • What’s the most you ever paid for a handbag?
  • Who’s the best young player on the Tour under 25?
  • Who’s the best player on the Champions Tour?

As an interesting sidebar to each question’s results, there are also Off The Record comments if a player wanted to add a clarification and Off The Record, Off The Record comments if they were a little snarky (I only remember one).

Anyway, it’s all in fun with some solid content along the way.

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