Golf Putting Study on the Yips

As you may recall, in early April, I interviewed Dr. Charles Adler of the Mayo Clinic who is most interested in studying Parkinson’s Disease, a “movement disorder,” but best known for his side interest, the yips, another movement disorder and hence the connection.

Here’s the interview in its entirety: Dr. Charles Adler: A Professor of Neurology Explores the Yips. Chuck and his colleagues have compiled some pretty interesting stuff if you’ve ever wondered if you or someone you know have the yips.

Well, now comes an opportunity to be a test subject in their next round of tests. They begin next Tuesday, June 3rd. Here’s what they say in their recruiting brochure:

Mayo Clinic and ASU are doing a study of golfer’s hand and wrist muscle movement patterns while putting. If you are a golfer at age 18-75 and you think you suffer from golfer’s cramp/yips you may be eligible!

The study will take approximately 2 hours of your time and will be performed at the Jim Flick Golf Performance Center, Desert Mountain Club, 38580 N. Desert Mountain Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

As part of this study you will be provided feedback on your putting.

For more information please call either:

Dr. Charles Adler, M.D., Ph.D. (or his coordinator, Amy Duffy) at Mayo Clinic, (480) 301-4981

Dr. Debbie Crews, Ph.D. at ASU, (602) 361-5355

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