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Ever come upon a new week’s tournament on the PGA Tour and have this sense of opaque mystery about who is in the field and how they got there? Me too. I have the advantage of having access to the PGA Tour media site where I can go to a player’s page and find out what his exemption is. But I don’t have the time to do that for every player I’m not totally familiar with.

But now the shroud has been lifted with the recently embellished, “Inside The Field” button inside the current week’s tournament box (the RBC Canadian Open this week).

Used to be that was a lot of broad-brush information that highlighted the name players and didn’t quite give you a complete sense of who’s in and how they got there. Now it does. 

Now it tells you everything from:

  • the number of players in the field (156 this week)
  • the number of PGA Tour winners (79)
  • the number of major winners (17)
  • the number of world golf champions (11)
  • the number of players ranked in the top 10 in FedExCup points (2)

Then it has a nice little feature on the colleges with the most players (this week: Georgia Tech, Florida, Georgia and New Mexico).

Then a section dedicated to the oldest player (Mark Calcavecchia, 54) and the youngest player (Oliver Goss, 20).

And then a section on the countries represented from around the world and how many from each one. The United States has the most in the field (103) followed by, no surprise, Canada (19), Australia (8) and South Africa (7). Everyone else is basically onesies and twosies.

Then the best new feature. The list of how each player got into that tournament by category beginning with the senior most category, “Winner – PGA/U.S. Open Championship,” all the way down the pecking order to, “Reorder Category – Cat. 31 thru 35,” which this week contains the last five players into the field.

And finally, to see the entire All-Exempt PGA Tour Priority Rankings with an explanation of all 36 categories and the players in them, click the “Menu” in the header at, then “Players” and then “Player Exemptions.” This has been around for a while; I remember pointing to it in a previous post. What’s new is that the list is presented for each week’s tournament.

I don’t know about you, but I am driven to find out how things work, i.e., “How did those guys get into this tournament?” This feeds into my natural curiosity perfectly.

The new format has apparently been around for much of the year, but the only way I could find past tournament compilations was by searching on “Inside the Field” and then tabbing through a clutter of results. But if you’re desperate, it’s there.

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