Brandel Chamblee: On Tiger Woods’ new coach

I came across a Brandel Chamblee tweet today that led me to this post on the Golf Channel’s website: “Is swing coach Como the right fit for Woods?

In it, he presents an educated analysis of Tiger’s three previous coaches: Butch Harmon, Hank Haney and Sean Foley. One-by-one, he writes about Tiger’s accomplishments with each one and how they helped shape his swing.

Chamblee has long been a critic of Foley because of his slavish devotion to the “geometry” of the swing as opposed to Butch Harmon’s adherence to classic swing positions as exemplified by “hundreds of professional golfers.” He’s not too critical of Haney because of the majors he helped Tiger win and his effort to give Woods a one-way miss. Foley wasn’t as productive, but Tiger was riddled with injuries for much of his tenure.

And now comes Chris Como. He is also a bio-mechanical adherent, but Chamblee hopes that his work with Woods will apply those ideas in the context of “the best players of all time.” That’s the direction Chamblee feels he needs to go to avoid future injuries.

It’s an excellent background and analysis.

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