MEDIA ALERT: NBC Sports Radio recurring segment

The new year begins with another step forward in publicizing Eye On The Tour. As a matter of fact, at 8:32 (MT) (Update: 7:32 during daylight savings time) Thursday morning here in Phoenix on AM 1060. Mike (Uncle Buck) Rafferty has invited me back onto his drive-time golf radio show, “For the Love of the Game.”

You will recall that he invited me to do a segment back in October and that it went well enough that he asked me to co-host the two-hour show the next morning on the remote broadcast of the Charles Schwab Championship here at Desert Mountain Club, my home. And that went well and he said we’d be in touch.

And now we have been. Buck has invited me to do a recurring segment on golf mastery every Thursday morning on a trial basis. He wanted something fresh and my exploration of the mental and spiritual side of the game is certainly that. Not only that, but with the forthcoming BE THE BALL – The Movie, a substantive documentary on just those topics (that I have also been invited to participate in), the exploration of these principles is going mainstream.

I intend to continue to push that envelope because it is just so patently clear to those of us who have played the game at a high level that there is way more to it than just honing a Tour quality golf swing. Think about it: if that wasn’t true, we’d be seeing 18-way playoffs every Sunday afternoon. Think how long and cumbersome that would be!

Everybody on Tour has a swing capable of winning; exploring the gap between success and failure, almost always in the words of the players themselves, is the interest of my blog…and my Thursday morning segments.

I hope you can make it. If you are out of town you can go to the AM 1060 website and click the “Listen Live” button.

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