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In my immediately preceding post, “Jhonattan Vegas Interview,” I wrote about how my interview with Vegas came about and mentioned that I’d also interviewed, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Geoff Ogilvy and Slugger White, the lead PGA Tour rules official this week.

Since the Vegas interview wasn’t transcribed and I wasn’t able to take notes, I paraphrased my conversation with him. But the other four were. I thought that the Tour hadn’t posted them online, but discovered last night that they did. Since they all came about in the same way as the first, me in the media interview room asking questions along with other media members, I thought it would be more interesting to just share the link to the transcriptions and then detail the questions I asked of each of them.

I realize that this may be a little cumbersome, but I thought it would be better than a six-mile-long post. I also hope that you find it more interesting than narcissistic. I’m fascinated by any inside-the-ropes story and hope that you will be to…especially if you know the guy telling the story.

Here’s the link to all four interviews:

And here are the questions I asked of each of them.

Phil Mickelson

Q: You said you want to win here this week obviously. That’s why you play. And we know that you’re aiming at Augusta. So can you talk a little bit about the process that you go through of sustaining where you are, capable of winning and building towards Augusta, how you keep that momentum going between here and there.

Q: Creativity is the hallmark of your short game as everybody knows. How do you manage that talent that you have with the technical things that [short game guru] Dave Pelz brings in? How do you balance those two things so you’re still playing creatively rather than technically?

Interjection Q: The ball mark was very close.

Bubba Watson

Q: You seemed much more calm last week [winning in La Jolla] than you did at [his first win] Travelers. Can you think back in terms—kind of compare the two, when you’re in the moment coming down the stretch for the first win and one that you probably felt you deserved?

Q: You’re well-known for play—

Bubba: For good looks?

Q: And good looks, as well, yes. For playing to keep yourself sharp. How much do you practice, hit balls? My sense is that you mostly play all the time to stay sharp.

Geoff Ogilvy

Q: You did a fascinating interview in Sports Illustrated a couple years ago where you talked about trying to rejuvenate your long game, you went back to working on your short game like you did as a kid. How useful is that when you’re trying to recover from  something like this [finger sliced by coral in Hawaii] and getting ready for a tournament?

Q: How many balls would you be hitting this week?

Q: A couple hours?

Q. Back in the context of the [circuslike] 16th hole, you have a very calm demeanor. So in moving from the 15th green through the tunnel up onto the green [I meant to say “tee”], what’s going on with you? How are you managing that process? Does it change any in terms of some of the other rises you get out of yourself emotionally on the course?

Q. So how do you manage that?

Slugger White, lead PGA Tour rules official, explaining the conditions that warranted cancelling the entire Wednesday pro-am. At the time, the greens were frozen solid, the day had barely warmed and the wind was gusting to 30 miles per hour.

Q. You said if it warmed up they’d be able to get out and do some work on the golf course. What kind of work would that be?

Q. How often would they normally be mowing the greens?

So there you are. A little nonsensical out of context, I know, but if you’re interested enough in their answers to read the transcripts, you’ll at least know who was asking some of the questions.

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