ICYMI – January 2011

People are busy. Time flies. You missed a couple of days of posts. And now you’re thinking, “How am I ever going to get caught back up? What did I miss?”

Well, the “In Case You Missed It” page is designed just for you. I’ve combed through all of each month’s posts and picked the ones that you’d be disappointed if you missed. You will find them here on this page and, together with prior months’ posts, on the ICYMI tab at the top of the page.

I hope this is helpful and, as always, reader input is encouraged.

January 2011

Falling Into Place – You spend your life working very hard for something and then, when you least expect it, the dominoes fall and the day is won.

Even Tiger Is Afraid – On the occasion of Tiger’s first tournament in 2011, we are graced with an interview that reveals that he is all too human.

Media Mogul – Eye On The Tour arranged media credentials for the Phoenix Open. And just when I was wondering if asking probing questions of the players about mastery would be appropriate, a USA Today article about the mental side of the game got dumped in my lap.

Padraig’s Wisdom – Padraig Harrington was disqualified because he inadvertently moved his ball in replacing his ball on the green. Too bad for him, but great for us because of the time he got in the television broadcast booth.

Can We All Be Wrong? – Padraig Harrington made drastic swing changes during his brief off season to the dismay of everyone who knew what that involves and what it implies. And then he came out and shot 65 in his first round back. What did we miss?

Who Is That Guy – A player who wasn’t supposed to win, did. There are a couple of mastery lessons in his success and our attempting to judge his worthiness.

Rain Delays – Rain delays create the opportunity for a whole bunch of things that aren’t supposed to happen…to happen. With practice and experience, there’s a way to get through them.

Unfamiliar Territory – What happens when a world-class LPGA player tries to get a little practice in by playing in a men’s mini-tour event? An interesting story about how backsliding of the ego is possible even for the great players.

Blue Suede Shoes – A chance meeting with a lady weightlifter led to wonderful affirmation of the principles of mastery, the practice of meditation.

Willfulness Versus Consciousness – When we see another golfer break a rule and then steadfastly deny it, we always have to allow that it could be more a matter of consciousness rather than willfulness.

An Intriguing Player – Ian Poulter is an intriguing character on the European Tour. This post links to a Golf Digest article that is as fascinating as it is revealing. Don’t miss it.

Strange Courses – Sometimes playing strange courses “blind” can lead a good score because you don’t know where the trouble is. But Tour players don’t take that risk. Homemade yardage books and what goes into their construction.

A New Beginning – What if it was possible to start over? What if all the baggage you drag around about your golf game disappeared? Not so much your swing fundamentals, but your mindset, beliefs and opinions about them.

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