Accessing The Present

I have devoted a great deal of time to this notion of being present, staying in the moment. It is the access to all that’s great in us. I’ve managed to delve into it with truly great players; Jhonattan Vegas in Phoenix and Yani Tseng and Gerina Piller in Phoenix.

In this Karrie Webb USA Today interview by Steve DiMeglio prior to this week’s Kraft Nabisco Championship, she gives us some more insight into how great players manage their minds under pressure. Gerina sings songs to herself and Karrie Webb listens to the birds. Plus she goes on for quite a while about how her mindset has changed over time.

As a Hall of Fame member, it’s worth a read.

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2 Responses to Accessing The Present

  1. Robert Rogers says:

    I’m grateful Joe Smyth directed me to this site, think you’ve found a sweet spot in the golf blogosphere by zeroing on the mental, attitudinal, emotional–OK, between-the-ears parts–of the best players’ games. This insight sure beats the stroke-by-stroke tourney recaps we read in Monday’s papers. Likewise, it beats the on-air hyper-analysis of swing mechanics. Other golf writers should follow your lead, listen and listen carefully to what champs say after they win (or, for that matter, don’t win). Drill down on that. It is a head game. And that’s the story!