ICYMI – March 2011

Did the month get away from you? Did you miss some posts? Here are the ones from March that I think you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It’s chronological from bottom to top.

Accessing The Present – Once again more insights from a master, this time Hall of Fame member, Karrie Webb. In this USA Today interview, she gives us the goods.

A Star Is Born – Sandra Gal, the big underdog against No. 2 in the world, Jiyai Shin, won. How was that possible? And Scot, Martin Laird, managed to hang on for his win when all the evidence said it wasn’t going to happen.

Detached Certainty – A thoughtful reader asks if we should tread lightly in bargaining for our golfing fates with the “Golf Gods?” I don’t think so and here are some thoughts on why.

Even They Don’t Know – When you find your golf game lost in the wilderness, it can be a very discouraging thing. But take heart, in terms of understanding what it takes to get the most out of your game, tour pros may not know much more than you do.

Snarky Sniping – The ego is a fragile thing and preemptively engages in criticism of others to protect itself. It’s a major drag on awareness and consequently not very good for your golf game. Spirit offers a way out of the morass.  

Leaderboard Watching – One way to lose a tournament is make yourself more nervous by watching the leaderboard. As Brittany Lincicome discovered yesterday, there’s as much risk in not watching the leaderboard. Who shall we give the tiebreaker to?

This Is Mastery – If you want a good sense of what to do when things begin slipping away and you quickly find yourself 4-over on your round, LPGA Tour player Gerina Piller can help you with that. She salvaged a potential disaster today and tells us how she did it.

Scenes From The LPGA Tour – Ultimately, this is about consciousness. There’s a lot more than the tournament going on at an LPGA Tour event. For instance…well, maybe you should read the post.

Yani Tseng Mastery Interview – As a follow-up to the No. 1 player in the world’s press conference, I was able to have a sit-down interview to probe the mind of a master. In addition to sharing insights about how she plays the game, she also talked about her path to the LPGA Tour.

Swing Snobs – Think you’re above watching an LPGA Tour event? Don’t be a swing snob. Any one of them could beat almost any one of you like a drum. I got to watch one of the best in the world this morning and she left me shaking my head in appreciation.

Mentally Soft – There are two ways to be when playing golf. One requires great effort and the other doesn’t. And the one that doesn’t leads to much better results. Seems like an easy choice.

Body Magic – It’s hard to believe that it’s more productive to think about your shot than your swing when you play. But it’s what the very best players do. And Golf Digest was good enough to provide a step-by-step checklist from one of them.

Storm Clouds Forming – It’s hard to accomplish great things when your body is gripped by fear and you don’t trust yourself. That’s what happened to Ian Baker-Finch back in the 90’s. He’s trying again this week in his maiden voyage on the Champions Tour, but some of the same old ego conversations persist.

Transformation – Yesterday’s post on Harrison Frazar elicited a response from a reader that perfectly set up this follow-on post on Transformation. We all think we have to “do” a bunch of stuff in order to “become” what we want for ourselves. It actually works the other way around.

Harrison Frazar – Harrison Frazar penned a heartbreaking article about the malaise that has overwhelmed his sense of himself and his career as one of the best players in the world. It provides an excellent example of the destructive side of the ego.

Slow Play Scourge – Slow play is killing the game of golf. And a lot of it can be laid at the doors of Tour players who set very poor examples for the amateurs watching at home.

Validation and Fried Brain – As we watch last week’s winner of the Accenture World Match Play Championship in this week’s tournament, there are two things to watch for that could get in the way of his doing well.

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