ICYMI – April 2011

As a monthly service to those who can’t visit the site every day, here are posts from last month that I think you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It’s chronological from bottom to top.

People Have No Idea – Don’t know what it is. Maybe because the game looks so easy on the face of it. Or maybe because people have a run of shockingly successful shots as they get better. But whatever it is, it causes them to woefully underestimate the gap between their skills and those of Tour pros.

Panicking From The Present – Not being able to stay in the present can kill you, literally and figuratively. Two examples from the world of flying and horse racing make the case about the universality of the principles of mastery.

Even The Best Quake – It’s always great to have it confirmed that you’re not the only one who experiences anxiety under pressure. Last week’s champion, Brandt Snedeker, talks about his nervousness and how it dissipated as he played. It is a great thing to believe in yourself.

Commitment – The key to accomplishing anything you want is commitment. And being committed to staying in the present is the lever that makes it happen, whether it’s a golf shot or a relationship.

Mastering The Game – They say you can really never master the game of golf, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that there are masters who play it. And the principles of mastery that apply to the game of golf travel well to other areas of our lives.

Being Prepared – There’s nothing worse than arriving on the first tee with that gnawing feeling that you’re just not prepared. To play free flowing golf, you have to feel ready…and it doesn’t matter where you are on the golfers’ food chain.

Mastery At The Margin – When you’re working in the heady air of “almost having it,” (which everyone is all along the way), it’s very easy to become exasperated by the inevitable failures. It’s nice to have a little perspective on that.

Hard Fought Victory – It’s bad enough when you have to battle a very tough, TPC golf course for your first Tour victory. But in the relentless, heavy winds of Texas, that’s another whole level of problems to overcome. Brendan Steele figured it out and shares how he did it with us.

Psychology Versus Ontology – In golf, I’ve had little use for psychology because, in the moment, you have to remember stuff. And in the swirl of high pressure situations, your mind doesn’t always work that well.

The Anatomy of Collapse – Rory McIlroy had a four-shot lead going into the final round of the Masters. So even though Charl Schwartzel was the eventual winner, from a mastery point of view, McIlroy’s collapse provides great lessons for the rest of us.

Playing With A Blank Slate – The first round of the Masters is in the books and there were two surprises at the top of the leaderboard. And there is only one way they managed it.

It’s Not Just You – World No. 1, Yani Tseng and Stacy Lewis were locked in a classic Sunday battle at the LPGA Tour’s Kraft Nabisco Championship. Yani’s experience in losing provided a great lesson for the rest of us.

Champions Weighing In – Phil Mickelson and Yani Tseng add still more pieces to the mastery puzzle in their interviews where he validates something she’d said earlier and she talked about the value of smiling.

Surprise! Uh, Maybe Not – Every now and then you get quotes from Tour pros containing such clarity and insight into mastery it almost makes you giddy. Sandra Gal treats us to what was going on for her during her win.

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