ICYMI – June 2011

Another month has come and gone. As a monthly service to those who can’t visit the site every day, here are posts from last month that I think you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It’s chronological from bottom to top.

Seeing The Future – Two good articles revisit the story of Harrison Frazar, the over-qualified journeyman golfer, who finally bought into what it takes to make things happen in life.

Where Does It Go? – There was a supernova sighting on the PGA Tour at the beginning of the year. But it was his dimming light that caused me take another look at the eternal question, “Where does it go?”

Why They Suit Up – There was an unknown on LPGA Tour’s LPGA Championship after the first round. Who was she? Where did she come from? And what can we take from her accomplishment?

Why Tiger Changed His Swing – If ever there was a more nurtured swing in the game of golf, it has to be Tiger Wood’s. And he has done some stunning things with it through the years, mesmerizing us all. So why would he change anything?

Anatomy Of A Modern Swing – In the aftermath of Rory McIlroy’s historic victory at the U.S. Open, it’s quite interesting to put together some of the pieces of the mosaic that got him there, not the least of which is “that swing.”

Losing Yourself – Rory McIlroy put on yet another clinic for us in the third round at the U.S. Open. And in his post-round comments, he took the distinctions he outlined the previous day about freewheeling to a whole new level.

Freewheeling At Targets – What’s the difference between playing to targets and thinking about your swing? For Rory McIlroy after the second round at the U.S. Open, it’s historic scoring and an astounding 6 shots. There’s a lot we can learn from him.

How To Win A U.S. Open – As the defending champion at this year’s U.S. Open, Graeme McDowell graciously holds forth in the media room about what he’s learned in the last year that could help him repeat this year. It is a very candid and gracious interview.

Patience – Current PGA Champion and World No. 3, Martin Kaymer, held forth in the media room on the need for patience in the U.S. Open. Which gives us a chance to explore the notion of patience; how we lose it and how to call it up again.

He Did It! – Harrison Frazar not only gave us an exemplary display of “just playing golf” to capture his first win after 13 long years, he also gave us some very candid insights into the mind of a down-trodden Tour pro and what he had to do to overcome that too.

Brandt Jobe – This is the compelling story of Brandt Jobe masterfully overcoming what should have been a career-ending injury. At his level, it’s very difficult to rationalize a complete new swing, but he did it.

The Bottom of the Leaderboard – There’s great inspiration to be taken from looking at both ends of a Tour leaderboard. This year’s Memorial Tournament’s offers a perfect illustration.

Thinking – An interesting snippet showed up in one of the transcripts out of this year’s Memorial Tournament. Co-leader, Chris Riley, talked about how his years-long drought was due to thinking.

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