Golf in the Kingdom – The Movie

Do you know about, Golf in the Kingdom, Michael Murphy’s iconic tale about a wild weekend of golf in Scotland? Written in the early 70’s, it’s sold over 1.5 million copies since then and the last I heard ten years ago, it was still selling 20,000 copies a year.

The reason it sold so well and went on to become a cult classic, is that it touched something in the souls of all golfers who had experienced the deeper aspects of the game. Those times when the best in themselves became indistinguishably enmeshed in the game itself. Those times when they roamed freely over the course, the beauty of nature and the wind on their faces adding vibrancy to the moment.

In the book, Michael Murphy travels to Scotland en route to study in India. He meets the wizened old caddie, Shivas Irons, who clearly knows the secrets to the game. Murphy convinces Shivas to take him under his wing and soon receives wisdom unlike any he’s ever had. The ensuing story has had golfers rolling their eyes in ecstasy for 40 years.

And it’s also had movie producers trying to develop a script that would be worthy of the book and its soulful message. Nobody has been able to do that until now. The movie has been produced and there will be a world premier in New York City in Times Square on July 29th. Wider release is anticipated soon after.

This happening is like a dream come true for those of us who have been enchanted by this book all these years. Announcement after announcement came about one deal after another where the movie was finally going to be made. And then they fell apart. To the point that I had even lost track of this current deal. And then suddenly yesterday, I found out that it’s done; the movie is “in the can.”

Here’s a link to the movie’s website and there’s a terrific two-minute trailer that looks to-die-for gorgeous and seems to capture the essence of the characters and the book’s central theme. There are also reviews from people who love the book sharing how much they enjoyed their screening.

Check it out, it should be a real golfing event, and given how long people have been trying to do this, a real milestone. Finally!

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