The State Of The PGA Tour

Writing at, Senior Writer, Cameron Morfit, does a good job of capturing the excitement of the new PGA Tour television deal and what it means to the state of the game, “With a new TV deal set and prize money skyrocketing, there’s never been a better time to play on the PGA Tour.”

He goes into detail not only about the new nine-year deal with NBC and CBS, but he provides a couple of revealing vignettes about the real-life, on-the-ground impact on the players. Players and/or their wives are actually stopping by a Tour official monitoring the real-time FedExCup points on his notebook before they go into the scoring tent. They can’t wait to see if their score was good enough to move them along to the next level in the playoffs.

And with these higher points awards of playoff tournaments, young hot players who have a great week are soaring to the top of the point’s list.

While this is a good thing from the players point of view, it’s also a good thing for us too. While the players to a man always talk about winning and trophies being more important than the money, the money is no longer quite as “insignificant.”  Anything to add a little more tension and drama to see how the best in the world deal with it.

 It’s a good read.

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