ICYMI – September 2011

Another month has come and gone. As a monthly service to those who can’t visit the site every day, here are posts from last month that I think you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It’s chronological from bottom to top.

It’s Never Over Until It’s Over – Even when players have a great first round, they know that’s just the beginning. And for those that had a bad one, they know it’s still possible to get back into the tournament.

Equanimity – Keeping your wits about you when all others are losing theirs, is a good way to win a golf tournament. It came up when Joe LaCava, one of the best caddies in the game, decided to leave Dustin Johnson and go to work for Tiger Woods…shortly after he went to work for Johnson.

Jim Flick – Master – Regular readers know that I worked with the great Jim Flick when I was chasing the Champions Tour. He was just elected to the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame. I found out about this in a wonderful profile that gives us a chance to see what the personification of mastery looks like.

Sophie Gustafson’s Bravery – A wonderful thing happened outside of the normal Solheim Cup activities. LPGA Tour star, Sophie Gustafson, sat down for a video interview. Not such a big deal until you find out that she has had a lifelong stutter and doesn’t give interviews. The video appears to be another step along the way in dealing with her impediment and was a very courageous thing for her to do.

More Jason Dufner – Keegan Bradley led after the first round of the Tour Championship. He had a 2-stroke lead over Jason Dufner, among others, the same guy he beat in the playoff for the PGA Championship. But it’s Dufner’s post-round interview that drew my attention to him once again.

Upon Further Review: Mastery – Justin Rose won in Chicago because he was able to employ principles of mastery in his decision making. He reveals some of them in his post-round interview.

Freedom In Putting – When something moves as slowly as a putting stroke, it’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of it. After all, it’s all happening right in front of you. Not a good idea because it robs you of your freedom.

Choking – Choking is just a manifestation of fear. And for critics who jeer chokers, that’s just another form of fear. And the antidote is always the same.

I Just Clap Myself – LPGA Tour star Stacy Lewis had a chance to run down Yani Tseng from two strokes back like she did at the Kraft Nabisco Championship back in April. Stacy had the home crowd pulling for her, but Yani had her own secret weapon.

When You’re Putting Great – There was quite a display of putting in the final round of the Deutsche Bank Championship. And it brought back old feelings of everything that goes into a great putting round.

The Great Dane – A wonderful thing happened on the European Tour in late August. A player who was given up for lost eight long years ago finally climbed out of a deep, dark hole to redeemed his claim as a quality, world class player. Meet Thomas Bjorn; his is a story well worth knowing.

The Path To Mastery – Bubba Watson has a reputation of being the sort of clown prince of golf, Mr. Devil May Care. In a post-round interview at the Deutsche Bank, he unwittingly made clear that he’s more than just another pretty face.

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