ICYMI – October 2011

Another month has come and gone. As a monthly service to those who can’t visit the site every day, here are posts from last month that I think you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It’s chronological from bottom to top.

Learning From Adversity – The third round of the Nationwide Tour Championship got hammered by blustery winds that destroyed the field’s scoring average, but worse, may have destroyed some guys career aspirations. What is there to do?

Letting It Go – Ben Crane won the McGladrey Classic last week with religious ideas straight out of the Bible…suggesting that mastery is a collage of very powerful ideas.

Falling Off The Edge – Frequently, when you have a really good round and try to do what you did to replicate it the next day, it doesn’t work. It’s because it isn’t the swing thought that made it possible, it was the relaxed level of consciousness you barely noticed.

Mastery Moments – Around the world in Kuala Lumpur, the second round was delayed for over three hours due to lightning. But they managed to get it in. Why? Because the course is lighted. And that gave us a chance to pick the brains of some masters.

How To Watch Your Swing Video – Watching your swing on video is like having a shiny new bicycle for Christmas. It’s hard to put it down. But the treasure isn’t in the image of the swing, it’s in the feel of the swing.

Wisdom Can Have A Young Face – Bud Cauley is having the time of his life. He gave up his senior year at the University of Alabama to chase a PGA Tour card, and let’s just say things are going very well. And there’s a reason.

Yani Tseng – The Master – Yani Tseng won again, this time in the LPGA HanaBank Championship in Incheon, South Korea. This post presupposed her win and was written contemporaneously as she was putting the finishing touches on it…and reveals how she was able to do it.

The Worst Has Happened –As an extremely competitive person, Tiger Woods must be thinking that getting beat by a struggling major champion and a college sophomore yesterday was the worst thing that could have happened to him. It wasn’t.

Mastery Back Stories – When Tiger Woods’ goes off a little after noon today, there will be two guys playing with him who routinely would be dismissed as mere fodder. But they each have a story too and one is quite compelling.

Snarky Sniping Revisited – Tiger Woods’ foray back into the light of day at the Frys.com Open to some delighted derision illustrates again the destructive side of the ego…and creates the possibility that we may have as much to learn as he does.

Finally It’s Done – Highly successful PGA Tour player, Kevin Na, finally got an eight-year-old monkey off his back: he won for the first time. And he did it by not trying so hard.

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