Readers’ All-Time Top-25 Posts – (Numbers 15 to 19)

The Top-25 countdown continues.

11. Bonus Post: Tiger and Stevie’s Divorce – To get a sense of the draw that Tiger Woods continues to be, after getting the day’s post out, I came across a post by Geoff Shackelford that linked to four other posts and collectively explained the breakup between Tiger and Steve. I immediately put it out there as a bonus post for the day. My post was a two-paragraph introduction to Shackeloford’s…and went on to become the 11th most read post all-time.

12. Yani Tseng – The Master – An exposition of the final round of the Incheon, South Korea, LPGA Tour event that delves into how masters go about rising to the top of the leaderboard and what exactly they are doing to accomplish that. And then it details the hole-by-hole dynamics of that last round to illustrate the point.

13. Scenes From The LPGA Tour – This is exactly what it purports to be. While watching the first round of the Founders Cup in Phoenix, I sort of relaxed my vision between shots and took in the tapestry of the milieu. It was amazing to me how much enriching detail was there when you took the time to look.

14. Yani Tseng Mastery Interview – Having heard so much about Yani Tseng, when I got my credentials to cover the Founders Cup, she was the first on my list of players I wanted to see. Seeing her name with the first pro-am group Thursday morning, even though I had to get up at 5:30 AM, I jumped at the opportunity to watch this great player with virtually no gallery. One of the others in the gallery was her personal assistant, who helped me land this killer interview a few hours later.

T15. I Fear For Darren – After the third round of the British Open, I expressed my concern that Darren Clarke might not be able to hold on through the final round. Based on two flashes of fear on his face, his long wait to win his first major and a weather forecast that would shiver most everyone in the field, it just seemed that Sunday would be a hard day for him. Seeing the glee in the world as a result of his ultimate victory, I was ever so glad that I was wrong.

T15. Swing Snobs – Writing from the LPGA Tour’s inaugural Founders Cup in Phoenix, I was impressed once again with the skill and athleticism of the lady pros. And I did my best to convey the quality of play I saw in a Christie Kerr practice round with two of her fellow competitors. Moreover, I did my best to convince readers that they are really missing something if they don’t go see these women play in person. They are really that good.

16. Body Magic – A well-intended but unmemorable demo video about Dustin Johnson’s pre-shot routine that has no swing thoughts in it left me quizzical. Not about the routine, but the demo video. But it later led me to discover his actual 4-point list that he submitted to the hard copy edition of Golf Digest. As is my wont, I contributed a player’s view of what that would feel like, what you have to do to get there and how to go about it.

17. Yani Tseng – Again – Playing in an LPGA Tour event in Incheon, South Korea, Yani Tseng proved why you never want to count her out. After making two early bogeys in the second round, she immediately snapped off four birdies in a row to get right back in it and then go deeper. Written in mid-round because of the time differences, I knew you will want to know that the end of the story is that she shot a flawless 5-under in the final round to win by one.

18. What Seve Felt – With the passing in May of the great master golfer with the other-worldly short game, everybody delved into all aspects of his greatness, but nobody really tried to explain how he was able to play those incredible shots. There was the famous 3-iron on his childhood beach. But what, exactly, was Seve doing? What was he feeling?

19. Communist Manifesto – A golf writer for Golfweek writing from the U.K., goes off on a socialist rant about how “somebody” ought to do something about the large incomes tour players make. It was a classic, class-envy screed that helps no one. I do my best to explain to him how capitalism works…and why it’s better.

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