Readers’ All-Time Top-25 Posts – (6 to 10)

The Top-25 countdown continues.

6. What’s With The LPGA Tour? – The arrival of the LPGA Tour’s second major of the year without any fanfare caused me to take a look at some of their marketing problems and some of the best reasons to watch the ladies play. And there are a lot of them once you take the time to get the lay of the land.

7. The Anatomy Of Collapse – Everybody knows that Roy McIlroy collapsed during the final round of the Masters. Borrowing from one of my own harrowing collapses in professional tournaments, I delve into how this came about, what must have been going through his mind and offer assurances that he would get his chance again.

8. So Long, Tiger – Watching Tiger miss the cut by a mile in a major, The PGA Championship, was shocking in and of itself. But to realize that was the ignominious end to his year was quite another. Foreclosed from playing in the playoffs because of his dismal year, it was down to two announcers speculating on him dropping down to the Nationwide Tour to get the playing experience he needed for his comeback. That had never happened before.

9. He’ll Be Okay – This post followed my “the Anatomy of Collapse” post on Rory’s sad Sunday at Augusta. But this post was much more hopeful because of the trail of evidence he left that he was going to be just fine. I point these things out and he made me look like a genius with his immediately following blowout victory at the U.S. Open.

10. Slow Play Scourge – Okay, I admit it. It was a rant and I don’t even remember what specifically triggered it. But I used the now-famous Ben Crane and Rory Sabbatini imbroglio at Congressional back in 2005 as an illustration. It was such a famous slow-play incident that mere mention of it drove a lot of traffic to my site…and hopefully my explanation as to why some Tour players are so slow will help them speed up. It’s because they don’t trust themselves.

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