Readers’ All-Time Top-25 Posts – (1 to 5)

Okay, this is it! The day has finally arrived to reveal the Top-5 posts of all time on Eye On The Tour since the blog began in August of 2010. I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting the Top-25 as much as I have.

1. “Supermodel of the Fairways” – Korea’s Hee Kyung Seo turned in masterful third and fourth rounds in the U.S. Women’s Open. But there was more going on here than her golf. Not only does she have a gorgeous swing, she is too. Plus, she was wearing a blouse from her clothing line that brought traffic to my site looking for how to buy it. But there is nothing superficial about this young lady; she finished 2nd in the playoff.

2. Why Tiger Changed His Swing – A casual conversation at dinner with a friend of ours led to this post. She asked why Tiger changed his swing, but the restaurant was too loud to get into the nuanced answer with her. So I promised her this post. That was mid-summer and people are still coming to read this one.

3. Sophie Gustafson’s Bravery – I thought that Sophie Gustafson’s bravery in facing her chronic stuttering problem by doing a video Q&A was one of the bravest things I ever saw. You apparently agreed with me.

4. Ryann O’Toole – When Solheim Captain, Rosie Jones, made her two wildcard selections to the team, she shocked the world of women’s golf. This post and its links explain why. And as a postscript, it turned out that Rosie was right in a big way.

5. Brandt Jobe – What do you do when you have an obviously career-ending accident sweeping out your garage? First you get the parts to the hospital to get them sewed back on again. And then you teach yourself a new way to play golf at the highest level without being able to feel your hand. Are you kidding me?

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