Bonus Post: A Lee Westwood Pearl

In his post-round Q&A at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, I attempted to delve into Lee Westwood’s mental preparation for Sunday’s semi-final and final matches. His response was totally unexpected and speaks for itself. It is a whole different way for people engaged in competition of any sort to approach it:

Q.  Kind of sensing the way that the match was going this afternoon [a 4&2 win over Martin Laird], were you able to relax at any point in time or did you have to stay in it to the end?

I was relaxed and fairly comfortable all day.  I didn’t feel like I was too much under pressure.  Martin made a few mistakes around the turn.

Q.  Will that make it easier for you to get up for tomorrow’s match that you didn’t have to invest so much into this one?

I invest a lot of energy, but you can see [glancing down at his belly] what a physically fine‑tuned specimen I am now.  I think I’d like to think I’m quite capable of playing two more rounds of golf, hopefully.

Q.  I meant mentally?

Mentally, yeah, I’m mental (laughter).  Yeah,  fresh.  I can never quite figure that “mentally drained” one out.  Why would you get mentally drained when you get into positions that you work for and practice hard for?  You should be in those positions enjoying yourself.

I told you it was different. And pretty much, as they say in Europe, spot on. Embrace what you said you wanted, don’t be afraid of it.

I wish I’d heard this pearl back in my Monday qualifying days.

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