Tim Thelen: An Inspirational Story

An AP story by golf writer, Doug Ferguson, got picked up by PGA.com. Why? Because he was writing about a club pro from Texas who bided his time providing for his family, all the while harboring the dream of playing on the Tour.

With his son finally coming of age, the dream drew a little closer to him…and then finally was realized with a brisk, six-week jaunt across Europe on the European Senior Tour that netted him two wins against the likes of Bernhard Langer, Barry Lane and former Ryder Cup captains, Mark James and Ian Woosnam

This had resonance for me because it was once my dream too and I spent nine years trying to realize it. Not playing on the European Senior Tour — although guys told me I should try and I knew a lot of guys who did — but on the Champions Tour.

So when an inspirational story comes along like this one, I always like to give them the credit they are due for pulling it off. The only sad part of the story for me was that I found out that one of the guys I used to Monday qualify with passed away.

In any event, here’s a link to the article in all its rich detail.

Nice work, Tim Thelen.

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