Note: This page is no longer maintained, but it was a good idea at the time. So I chose not to take it down because there is still some timeless reading in many of these posts from the first year and a half of the blog. I hope you enjoy some of them.

The purpose of the In Case You Missed It page is to highlight certain historical posts to offer the reader a focused, concise way to read “the good stuff.” While everything I write is with hours of thought, research, care, editing, editing and editing, hey! not everything can be a pearl.

So here’s a way for you to read posts that exemplify what the blog aspires to each day even if I don’t always get there. They are in chronological order with the oldest at the bottom of the page.

December 2011

Being Conscious Is More Than Just Being Awake” – I finally got around to watching our recording of the first episode of the reality show, The Amazing Race. And I was struck by the universality of the lessons in mastery and what we as golfers need to do to take advantage of them.

Avoiding A Train Wreck” – The Golf Channel has announced the pairing of Johnny Miller and Sir Nick Faldo as co-color commentators for the season-opening Hyundai Tournament of Champions. And all of the comments so far seem pointed towards creating another television train wreck for us voyeurs. But wouldn’t it be great if they surprised us by aspiring to something higher?

The Closed Shop Open” – The PGA Tour is contemplating significant changes to its annual Q-School. Some guys are really going to make out, but the guys who aren’t are the lifeblood and spark of the Tour’s future.

She Already Knows…” – 16-year-old Lexi Thompson managed to win her second professional tournament. The Omega Dubai Ladies Masters is the season ending event on the Ladies European Tour and Thompson beat some real notables. Did I say she was 16?

The Rules Of Golf Are Powerful Things” – A decades-old cheating episode ultimately succumbs to the rules of the game with an act of sorrowful contrition just in time.

What I Noticed About Q-School” – The “Fall Classic” ended yesterday with all the drama normally associated with Q-School. But I found myself more interested in things going on at the margins.

Mike Whan May Be A Genius” – Last year, the new commissioner of the LPGA Tour managed to get most of the Tour’s players to come to Phoenix to play in a newly conceived tournament…for free. This year the Founders Cup is coming back and all of Whan’s foundational legwork made it possible. And the ladies are getting paid this time.

It’s Finally Over…Mostly” – Tiger finally got his redeeming victory at his Chevron World Challenge. All his hard work finally paid off. But that wasn’t enough for some critics, so Tiger will have to work just as hard ignoring them.

Being A Stand For Yourself.” – Tiger had another great day of ball-striking at his Chevron World Challenge…and made five bogeys, the windy conditions were so tough. But still he persists in assuring us that he is on the right path.

Tiger On The Swing And The Stroke” – Tiger had a great day Friday at his Chevron World Challenge. Which brought out his best thoughts on how he’s hitting it and how he’s stroking his putts. Scary good and very interesting.

November 2011

PGA Tour Q-School Finals.” – That annual gathering of fun and freedom, pain and suffering, begins today at PGA West in Palm Springs. And with it comes the various psychological categories of players…and some pretty famous ones too.

LPGA Tour Final Qualifying Tournament.” – Wednesday two big Q-School tournaments begin. The PGA Tour will have legions paying attention to theirs. So I thought I’d at least give the LPGA Tour a little kickoff help.

The World Cup Of Golf – Final Round.” – Matt Kuchar and Gary Woodland won, but Ian Poulter and Justin Rose shot an impossible score. Plus, an obscure, “wily old veteran” pulled off another one.

The Annual Thanksgiving Wiki Post.” – Nothing like the community of golfers to create an homage to the game we love. Take a look at what I did last year and then imagine how you could make it better.

Perfect Rectangles.” – When you arrive on the range, you can always tell when a “player” has been hitting balls before you. There will be a perfect-edged rectangle of shallow divots indicating he knew how to hit the ball.

The LPGA Tour Wraps Up Its Season.” – The LPGA Tour wrapped up its season Sunday with the Titleholders, a very unique tournament designed to cull the best of the best from this year’s play. And we got a worthy winner, a young woman who served an eight-year apprenticeship.

People Are So Kind.” – A hike in the mountains got me thinking about the human condition and how understanding that can help our golf.

The Steve Williams Furor.” – Steve Williams put his foot in his mouth at the mock caddie award gathering after the WGC tournament ended in Shanghai. What followed has been a week of handwringing and acrimony that, given the facts, does little to add to our collective consciousness.

Jay Don Blake: His Ship Has Come In.” – Journeyman Jay Don Blake managed to sustain Saturday’s two-stroke lead into Sunday’s victory. But what came out of his post-round interview was of as much import as his victory. Good story.

Martin Kaymer: ‘The Germanator’ is back.” – Martin Kaymer has had a less than stellar year…until today. And in his post-round interview we got some nice insights as to why. Ah, consciousness. Such a delicate thing.

Communist Manifesto.” – A Golfweek writer makes some basic economic mistakes in looking at the incomes of PGA Tour players. I set the record straight.

The Charles Schwab Cup.” – The season-ending Tour championship is upon us and caused me to take another look at the Champions Tour product. Plus the fact that it’s returning to my home club next year.

The Beat Goes On.” – Yani Tseng won again, this time in China, for her 11th win of the season. Her idol, Annika Sorenstam, had 13 in one season. I’ll bet I know what Tseng is thinking about.

October 2011

Learning From Adversity – The third round of the Nationwide Tour Championship got hammered by blustery winds that destroyed the field’s scoring average, but worse, may have destroyed some guys career aspirations. What is there to do?

Letting It Go – Ben Crane won the McGladrey Classic last week with religious ideas straight out of the Bible…suggesting that mastery is a collage of very powerful ideas.

Falling Off The Edge – Frequently, when you have a really good round and try to do what you did to replicate it the next day, it doesn’t work. It’s because it isn’t the swing thought that made it possible, it was the relaxed level of consciousness you barely noticed.

Mastery Moments – Around the world in Kuala Lumpur, the second round was delayed for over three hours due to lightning. But they managed to get it in. Why? Because the course is lighted. And that gave us a chance to pick the brains of some masters.

How To Watch Your Swing Video – Watching your swing on video is like having a shiny new bicycle for Christmas. It’s hard to put it down. But the treasure isn’t in the image of the swing, it’s in the feel of the swing.

Wisdom Can Have A Young Face – Bud Cauley is having the time of his life. He gave up his senior year at the University of Alabama to chase a PGA Tour card, and let’s just say things are going very well. And there’s a reason.

Yani Tseng – The Master – Yani Tseng won again, this time in the LPGA HanaBank Championship in Incheon, South Korea. This post presupposed her win and was written contemporaneously as she was putting the finishing touches on it…and reveals how she was able to do it.

The Worst Has Happened –As an extremely competitive person, Tiger Woods must be thinking that getting beat by a struggling major champion and a college sophomore yesterday was the worst thing that could have happened to him. It wasn’t.

Mastery Back Stories – When Tiger Woods’ goes off a little after noon today, there will be two guys playing with him who routinely would be dismissed as mere fodder. But they each have a story too and one is quite compelling.

Snarky Sniping Revisited – Tiger Woods’ foray back into the light of day at the Frys.com Open to some delighted derision illustrates again the destructive side of the ego…and creates the possibility that we may have as much to learn as he does.

Finally It’s Done – Highly successful PGA Tour player, Kevin Na, finally got an eight-year-old monkey off his back: he won for the first time. And he did it by not trying so hard.

September 2011

It’s Never Over Until It’s Over – Even when players have a great first round, they know that’s just the beginning. And for those that had a bad one, they know it’s still possible to get back into the tournament.

Equanimity – Keeping your wits about you when all others are losing theirs, is a good way to win a golf tournament. It came up when Joe LaCava, one of the best caddies in the game, decided to leave Dustin Johnson and go to work for Tiger Woods…shortly after he went to work for Johnson.

Jim Flick – Master – Regular readers know that I worked with the great Jim Flick when I was chasing the Champions Tour. He was just elected to the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame. I found out about this in a wonderful profile that gives us a chance to see what the personification of mastery looks like.

Sophie Gustafson’s Bravery – A wonderful thing happened outside of the normal Solheim Cup activities. LPGA Tour star, Sophie Gustafson, sat down for a video interview. Not such a big deal until you find out that she has been a lifelong stutter and doesn’t give interviews. The video appears to be another step along the way in dealing with her impediment and was a very courageous thing for her to do.

More Jason Dufner – Keegan Bradley led after the first round of the Tour Championship. He had a 2-stroke lead over Jason Dufner, among others, the same guy he beat in the playoff for the PGA Championship. But it’s Dufner’s post-round interview that drew my attention to him once again.

Upon Further Review: Mastery – Justin Rose won in Chicago because he was able to employ principles of mastery in his decision making. He reveals some of them in his post-round interview.

Freedom In Putting – When something moves as slowly as a putting stroke, it’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of it. After all, it’s all happening right in front of you. Not a good idea because it robs you of your freedom.

Choking – Choking is just a manifestation of fear. And for critics who jeer chokers, that’s just another form of fear. And the antidote is always the same.

I Just Clap Myself – LPGA Tour star Stacy Lewis had a chance to run down Yani Tseng from two strokes back like she did at the Kraft Nabisco Championship back in April. Stacy had the home crowd pulling for her, but Yani had her own secret weapon.

When You’re Putting Great – There was quite a display of putting in the final round of the Deutsche Bank Championship. And it brought back old feelings of everything that goes into a great putting round.

The Great Dane – A wonderful thing happened on the European Tour in late August. A player who was given up for lost eight long years ago finally climbed out of a deep, dark hole to redeemed his claim as a quality, world class player. Meet Thomas Bjorn; his is a story well worth knowing.

The Path To Mastery – Bubba Watson has a reputation of being the sort of clown prince of golf, Mr. Devil May Care. In a post-round interview at the Deutsche Bank, he unwittingly made clear that he’s more than just another pretty face.

August 2011

Anger Is A Lot Like Love – In love, we begin by thinking that the other person is responsible for our love, our happiness. As we mature, we come to realize that we are responsible for those things. The same holds true for things that “make” us angry.

Hang Around Long Enough – Having graduated from the mini-tours to the PGA Tour this last year, William McGirt just squeaked into the 125th spot in the FedExCup standings for the playoffs. The mini-tours are a great training ground.

And So It Begins Again – There is a rhythm to a week at a PGA Tour tournament. There are duties, tasks and rituals that have to be gotten through. And the guy who can deal best with it is usually the winner.

Ryann O’Toole – Solheim Cup Captain, Rosie Jones, offered up a brilliant splash of creativity in selecting Ryann O’Toole as one of her two wildcard picks. This is a player with little experience, but with a competitive streak that won’t let her fail.

Jason Dufner – In the aftermath of any PGA Tour tournament, the spotlight is always on the winner. When Keegan Bradley was thrust into the limelight he so richly deserved, he cast quite a shadow over the guy he beat in the playoff, Jason Dufner. But I thought Dufner was such an interesting character, he deserved one last look before we move on.

The Irrepressible Human Spirit – The PGA Championship provided an ending for the ages and an object lesson in never underestimating the irrepressible human spirit. Ever.

Honoring The Possibility Of People – Three “unknown” guys played their hearts out Saturday to lead the PGA Championship, but some in the media weren’t too happy about it. Which, in its own way, was just as detrimental to them.

The Long Road To Mastery – The furor over Tiger Woods firing of his longtime caddie Steve Williams almost seemed to erupt into an international dispute. But it provided us with a great example of key principles of mastery process.

I Went For A Walk Today – Maybe it was the beauty of the desert golf course. Or maybe it was just the hot desert sun. But whatever it was, a solitary walk led to a nice affirmation about the living of life.

Transferable Tour Wisdom – In his interview at the WGC – Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone, Darren Clarke gave us some golden nuggets that helped him to win this year’s British Open…and to be patient while he was waiting for it to happen.

Tiger’s Back! – But not everybody was happy to see him. A golf writer pens a resentful piece about Tiger’s kid-gloves pairing at Firestone with his good friend Darren Clarke.

Fairytales” – The captivating thing about professional golf is that it invariably serves up a fairytale ending. You just never know whose it will be.

July 2011

Tiger Ventures Out – Tiger claimed he was ready to go at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone in Akron, Ohio. Which brought to mind a whole slew of things he needed to do to be mentally ready as well.

In His Own Words – In a previous post, I explored Mike Weir’s return to the Stack and Tilt swing method and suggested that his nomadic reactions are less about the method than they are his search for consciousness. In this one, we get to read his description of what he’s going through in his own words…and it makes for very interesting reading.

Wandering In The Desert – What’s going on when a really good player suddenly “goes off the boil?” Mike Weir’s return to the Stack and Tilt swing method gives us an opportunity to look for some answers.

I Fear For Darren – Darren Clarke was leading the British Open by one stroke going into Sunday’s final round. But early in Saturday’s round, I saw a couple of looks in his face that gave me cause for concern.

Rising To The Occasion – Hee Kyung Seo wasn’t able to hold off So Yeon Ryu in Monday’s playoff at the U.S. Women’s Open. But the two of them truly rose to the occasion in demonstrating that competitive golf at the highest level can still be polite, friendly and completely genteel. And that the Asians are working very hard to integrate themselves into the American culture.

Personal Attacks – In the heat of battle on a golf course, one of the things that rummages around in our minds is the fear of embarrassment. I’ve written about this before, what this really is and how deal with it. And now, through his misadventures in Paris, Bubba Watson adds a new level to how to deal with it.

Affirmation – Affirmations and acknowledgements are nice to hear as long as you can get to the point where you don’t need them. Golf works better when you are centered enough to play for yourself rather than others.

Nobody’s Afraid Anymore – There once was a time when the players’ own fear factor played as large a part in defending venerable golf courses as the courses themselves. But after what they did to Congressional in the U.S. Open and were doing later on at Aronimink, those days are over.

Consciousness Rising – A resuscitating performance by Jhonattan Vegas causes me to revisit a post I wrote about him just three days before. I had used him as an example of just how elusive the game can be sometimes.

June 2011

Seeing The Future – Two good articles revisit the story of Harrison Frazar, the over-qualified journeyman golfer, who finally bought into what it takes to make things happen in life.

Where Does It Go? – There was a supernova sighting on the PGA Tour at the beginning of the year. But it was his dimming light that caused me take another look at the eternal question, “Where does it go?”

Why They Suit Up – There was an unknown on LPGA Tour’s LPGA Championship after the first round. Who was she? Where did she come from? And what can we take from her accomplishment?

Why Tiger Changed His Swing – If ever there was a more nurtured swing in the game of golf, it has to be Tiger Wood’s. And he has done some stunning things with it through the years, mesmerizing us all. So why would he change anything?

Anatomy Of A Modern Swing – In the aftermath of Rory McIlroy’s historic victory at the U.S. Open, it’s quite interesting to put together some of the pieces of the mosaic that got him there, not the least of which is “that swing.”

Losing Yourself – Rory McIlroy put on yet another clinic for us in the third round at the U.S. Open. And in his post-round comments, he took the distinctions he outlined the previous day about freewheeling to a whole new level.

Freewheeling At Targets – What’s the difference between playing to targets and thinking about your swing? For Rory McIlroy after the second round at the U.S. Open, it’s historic scoring and an astounding 6 shots. There’s a lot we can learn from him.

How To Win A U.S. Open – As the defending champion at this year’s U.S. Open, Graeme McDowell graciously holds forth in the media room about what he’s learned in the last year that could help him repeat this year. It is a very candid and gracious interview.

Patience – Current PGA Champion and World No. 3, Martin Kaymer, held forth in the media room on the need for patience in the U.S. Open. Which gives us a chance to explore the notion of patience; how we lose it and how to call it up again.

He Did It! – Harrison Frazar not only gave us an exemplary display of “just playing golf” to capture his first win after 13 long years, he also gave us some very candid insights into the mind of a down-trodden Tour pro and what he had to do to overcome that too.

Brandt Jobe – This is the compelling story of Brandt Jobe masterfully overcoming what should have been a career-ending injury. At his level, it’s very difficult to rationalize a complete new swing, but he did it.

The Bottom of the Leaderboard – There’s great inspiration to be taken from looking at both ends of a Tour leaderboard. This year’s Memorial Tournament’s offers a perfect illustration.

Thinking – An interesting snippet showed up in one of the transcripts out of this year’s Memorial Tournament. Co-leader, Chris Riley, talked about how his years-long drought was due to thinking.

May 2011

The Unforgiven – There are times in the life of a professional golfer when your performance is disappointing, you just have to forgive yourself and move on. But you have to remain centered about the whole thing because some aren’t quite as forgiving.

Fragility – Skimming the slip-and-fall accidents on yesterday’s leaderboard at the European Tour’s BMW PGA Championship, I was struck by just how fragile the game of golf can be.

The Education of a PGA Tour Player – You watch the Tour broadcasts and it all looks so staid, routine and pat. But there’s huge, unseen undercurrent  to it all that’s part of cycling in new talent. And it offers another peek behind the curtain of the mastery process.

The Face of Golf – An article on Golf.com worries about the current domination in golf by the International players. But its concerns and prescriptions are so far afield from what’s really required to play great golf, I thought it was worth exploring.

Confidence and Scoring – After a potentially disheartening defeat in the playoff at The Players last week, David Toms blazed to the top of the leaderboard at Colonial with an 8-under 62. He shares his thoughts on how that happened and the subtle difference between average and greatness.

Body Magic II – A reader asked a how-to question about, “Fearing The Unknown,” my post about Graeme McDowell’s game coming unstuck in the final round of The Players. It caused me to expand on that post and revisit today’s namesake.

Fearing The Unknown – Graeme McDowell seemed to have The Players Championship well in hand yesterday. But then disaster struck on the 6th tee and he went on to shoot a closing round 79…from the No. 5 ranked player in the world. What happened?

Holding A Grudge – Ian Poulter did a very smart thing last night in racing to the 18th tee to hit his tee shot before the horn sounded to end play for the day. But he managed to anger a number of people watching at home who thought he was being rude. And it got out of control.

This Shouldn’t Be Happening! – It is so easy to let yourself become angry and upset over things that happen on the golf course, especially when they matter so much. But maybe that isn’t the best way to deal with them. Or in life either.

Courage and the Daisy Chain – Lucas Glover returned to form by winning in Charlotte yesterday at Quail Hollow. And in the process, he provided a nice example of displaying courage in the face of a daisy chain of swing thoughts and a wild tee shot on 18.

What Seve Felt – The world of golf lost a genius in Seve Ballesteros. Everybody spoke about his vision and his incredible shots, but nobody really talked about it how he did it and what it felt like.

Daisy Chain – Making swing changes can be a tricky proposition, a little like “Whack a Mole:” you make one change and it changes other things. Here’s some insight into how to approach the problem from a U.S. Open winner going through the process.

You Are Who You Say You Are – In affairs of the ego, it is really easy to become confused. Learning how to make our way through life with that monkey on our backs is one of our principle tasks in life.

Nervousness Versus Consciousness – Great golf is filled with fine lines and shades of gray. Given how far she’s come, LPGA Tour wunderkind, Lexi Thompson, will soon learn the difference between nervousness and consciousness.

April 2011

People Have No Idea – Don’t know what it is. Maybe because the game looks so easy on the face of it. Or maybe because people have a run of shockingly successful shots as they get better. But whatever it is, it causes them to woefully underestimate the gap between their skills and those of Tour pros.

Panicking From The Present – Not being able to stay in the present can kill you, literally and figuratively. Two examples from the world of flying and horse racing make the case about the universality of the principles of mastery.

Even The Best Quake – It’s always great to have it confirmed that you’re not the only one who experiences anxiety under pressure. Last week’s champion, Brandt Snedeker, talks about his nervousness and how it dissipated as he played. It is a great thing to believe in yourself.

Commitment – The key to accomplishing anything you want is commitment. And being committed to staying in the present is the lever that makes it happen, whether it’s a golf shot or a relationship.

Mastering The Game – They say you can really never master the game of golf, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that there are masters who play it. And the principles of mastery that apply to the game of golf travel well to other areas of our lives.

Being Prepared – There’s nothing worse than arriving on the first tee with that gnawing feeling that you’re just not prepared. To play free flowing golf, you have to feel ready…and it doesn’t matter where you are on the golfers’ food chain.

Mastery At The Margin – When you’re working in the heady air of “almost having it,” (which everyone is all along the way), it’s very easy to become exasperated by the inevitable failures. It’s nice to have a little perspective on that.

Hard Fought Victory – It’s bad enough when you have to battle a very tough, TPC golf course for your first Tour victory. But in the relentless, heavy winds of Texas, that’s another whole level of problems to overcome. Brendan Steele figured it out and shares how he did it with us.

Psychology Versus Ontology – In golf, I’ve had little use for psychology because, in the moment, you have to remember stuff. And in the swirl of high pressure situations, your mind doesn’t always work that well.

The Anatomy of Collapse – Rory McIlroy had a four-shot lead going into the final round of the Masters. So even though Charl Schwartzel was the eventual winner, from a mastery point of view, McIlroy’s collapse provides great lessons for the rest of us.

Playing With A Blank Slate – The first round of the Masters is in the books and there were two surprises at the top of the leaderboard. And there is only one way they managed it.

It’s Not Just You – World No. 1, Yani Tseng and Stacy Lewis were locked in a classic Sunday battle at the LPGA Tour’s Kraft Nabisco Championship. Yani’s experience in losing provided a great lesson for the rest of us.

Champions Weighing In – Phil Mickelson and Yani Tseng add still more pieces to the mastery puzzle in their interviews where he validates something she’d said earlier and she talked about the value of smiling.

Surprise! Uh, Maybe Not – Every now and then you get quotes from Tour pros containing such clarity and insight into mastery it almost makes you giddy. Sandra Gal treats us to what was going on for her during her win.

March 2011

Accessing The Present – Once again more insights from a master, this time Hall of Fame member, Karrie Webb. In this USA Today interview, she gives us the goods.

A Star Is Born – Sandra Gal, the big underdog against No. 2 in the world, Jiyai Shin, won. How was that possible? And Scot, Martin Laird, managed to hang on for his win when all the evidence said it wasn’t going to happen.

Detached Certainty – A thoughtful reader asks if we should tread lightly in bargaining for our golfing fates with the “Golf Gods?” I don’t think so and here are some thoughts on why.

Even They Don’t Know – When you find your golf game lost in the wilderness, it can be a very discouraging thing. But take heart, in terms of understanding what it takes to get the most out of your game, tour pros may not know much more than you do.

Snarky Sniping – The ego is a fragile thing and preemptively engages in criticism of others to protect itself. It’s a major drag on awareness and consequently not very good for your golf game. Spirit offers a way out of the morass.

Leaderboard Watching – One way to lose a tournament is make yourself more nervous by watching the leaderboard. As Brittany Lincicome discovered yesterday, there’s as much risk in not watching the leaderboard. Who shall we give the tiebreaker to?

This Is Mastery – If you want a good sense of what to do when things begin slipping away and you quickly find yourself 4-over on your round, LPGA Tour player Gerina Piller can help you with that. She salvaged a potential disaster today and tells us how she did it.

Scenes From The LPGA Tour – Ultimately, this is about consciousness. There’s a lot more than the tournament going on at an LPGA Tour event. For instance…well, maybe you should read the post.

Yani Tseng Mastery Interview – As a follow-up to the No. 1 player in the world’s press conference, I was able to have a sit-down interview to probe the mind of a master. In addition to sharing insights about how she plays the game, she also talked about her path to the LPGA Tour.

Swing Snobs – Think you’re above watching an LPGA Tour event? Don’t be a swing snob. Any one of them could beat almost any one of you like a drum. I got to watch one of the best in the world this morning and she left me shaking my head in appreciation.

Mentally Soft – There are two ways to be when playing golf. One requires great effort and the other doesn’t. And the one that doesn’t leads to much better results. Seems like an easy choice.

Body Magic – It’s hard to believe that it’s more productive to think about your shot than your swing when you play. But it’s what the very best players do. And Golf Digest was good enough to provide a step-by-step checklist from one of them.

Storm Clouds Forming – It’s hard to accomplish great things when your body is gripped by fear and you don’t trust yourself. That’s what happened to Ian Baker-Finch back in the 90’s. He’s trying again this week in his maiden voyage on the Champions Tour, but some of the same old ego conversations persist.

Transformation – Yesterday’s post on Harrison Frazar elicited a response from a reader that perfectly set up this follow-on post on Transformation. We all think we have to “do” a bunch of stuff in order to “become” what we want for ourselves. It actually works the other way around.

Harrison Frazar – Harrison Frazar penned a heartbreaking article about the malaise that has overwhelmed his sense of himself and his career as one of the best players in the world. It provides an excellent example of the destructive side of the ego.

Slow Play Scourge – Slow play is killing the game of golf. And a lot of it can be laid at the doors of Tour players who set very poor examples for the amateurs watching at home.

Validation and Fried Brain – As we watch last week’s winner of the Accenture World Match Play Championship in this week’s tournament, there are two things to watch for that could get in the way of his doing well.

February 2011

The Class of the Field – Everyone is so curious about the player/caddie relationship. Martin Kaymer responds to my questions about his work with the great caddie, Fanny Sunesson, who is coaching him on the mental side of the game.

These Guys Are Tough – My questions about mastery at the World Match Play Championship of Nick Watney and chance meeting with the great European golf coach, Pete Cowen.

Conversations With Masters – More of my questions about mastery of some of the greatest players in the game, including Tiger, Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer.

February Madness – Still more of my questions about mastery of Paul Casey, Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell.

In From The Cold – After a long drought, Aaron Baddeley wins in LA and shares the lessons of returning to his childhood coach.

Time – Tour player time management problems and one personal one that suggests a strange cause of them.

Belief, Commitment, Tenacity – The road to becoming a Tour pro is long and arduous. Those who successfully navigate the gauntlet come away with a lot of wisdom. Take, for example, double heart transplant recipient, Erik Compton.

Stefani Germanotta – Better known as Lady Gaga, she enthusiastically participated in a 60 Minutes profile that proved that there is real substance behind all the masks and suggests that we golfers can learn something from her about how to deal with the ego.

Who? – A bunch of somebodies missed the cut and were down the road at Pebble Beach opening the door for a bunch of nobodies to do well. One of them won and there were some great lessons in presence and perseverance.

Stress – We tend to think of stress as caused by things external from us. In fact, stress is generated internally and if you can just stay in the moment, things are better.

Who Will Blink First? – When Lee Westwood, Martin Kaymer and Tiger Woods, the top three players in the world, were paired together and Kaymer started talking about love, my money was on him.

Monday Morning Shootout – Phoenix Open winner, Mark Wilson, was very forthcoming about his faith in God and his experience talking about trust with Dr. Bob Rotella, the eminent sports psychologist.

Why Golfers Watch – Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey may not have the best golf swing to watch, but you could learn a lot about being a man from the story of his life.

Hopes and Dreams – As the drumbeat of life goes on, so many dreams fall by the wayside. Tom Gillis has a great story about what happens when you keep pressing on.

Jhonattan Vegas Interview – With a win in his second tournament as a PGA Tour member and almost another in his third, I got to interview the hottest player in professional golf.

January 2011

Falling Into Place – You spend your life working very hard for something and then, when you least expect it, the dominoes fall and the day is won.

Even Tiger Is Afraid – On the occasion of Tiger’s first tournament in 2011, we are graced with an interview that reveals that he is all too human.

Media Mogul – Eye On The Tour arranged media credentials for the Phoenix Open. And just when I was wondering if asking probing questions of the players about mastery would be appropriate, a USA Today article about the mental side of the game got dumped in my lap.

Padraig’s Wisdom – Padraig Harrington was disqualified because he inadvertently moved his ball in replacing his ball on the green. Too bad for him, but great for us because of the time he got in the television broadcast booth.

Can We All Be Wrong? – Padraig Harrington made drastic swing changes during his brief off season to the dismay of everyone who knew what that involves and what it implies. And then he came out and shot 65 in his first round back. What did we miss?

Who Is That Guy – A player who wasn’t supposed to win, did. There are a couple of mastery lessons in his success and our attempting to judge his worthiness.

Rain Delays – Rain delays create the opportunity for a whole bunch of things that aren’t supposed to happen…to happen. With practice and experience, there’s a way to get through them.

Unfamiliar Territory – What happens when a world-class LPGA player tries to get a little practice in by playing in a men’s mini-tour event? An interesting story about how backsliding of the ego is possible even for the great players.

Blue Suede Shoes – A chance meeting with a lady weightlifter led to wonderful affirmation of the principles of mastery, the practice of meditation.

Willfulness Versus Consciousness – When we see another golfer break a rule and then steadfastly deny it, we always have to allow that it could be more a matter of consciousness rather than willfulness.

An Intriguing Player – Ian Poulter is an intriguing character on the European Tour. This post links to a Golf Digest article that is as fascinating as it is revealing. Don’t miss it.

Strange Courses – Sometimes playing strange courses “blind” can lead a good score because you don’t know where the trouble is. But Tour players don’t take that risk. Homemade yardage books and what goes into their construction.

A New Beginning – What if it was possible to start over? What if all the baggage you drag around about your golf game disappeared? Not so much your swing fundamentals, but your mindset, beliefs and opinions about them.

December 2010

The Most Frequent Question – When the subject of my experience trying to qualify to play on the Champions Tour comes up, there is invariably one question that comes up more than any other. But it’s not the one it used to be.

Christmas In The Desert – For golfers, some family Christmas traditions are better than others…and just as precious.

Compassionate Hearts – The fear of embarrassment and shame can really mess up a golf game. Here’s a true story that suggests that we worry too much.

The Long Road To Mastery – In a world where instant gratification is king, it’s worth taking a minute to remember that real gratification takes a while. Two stories from the world of golf that make the point.

Most Bang For The Buck – The short game pretty much gets short shrift from most golfers. But it might be the best place to invest practice time because it has an impact on all aspects of the game. Particularly ball striking in the full swing.

Two Standard Deviations – Working on your swing is a fun thing to do. And in the best situation, you can use video to make sure you get it just right. But is that really the best way to learn?

Where Does All The Wisdom Go? – You labor away on your golf swing, you get it right where you want it and then it suddenly vanishes. Where did it go, why does it happen and what is there to do about it?

The Yo-Yo– What’s the secret to life? Lee Westwood may know. But he’s not talking just yet.

You Just Never Know When – The question in dreamer’s minds is never if their dreams will come true, it’s when. You just never know. Carling Coffing is a great example of what to do in the meantime.

Perspective– There are times in life when troubles abound and a little perspective helps. Meet Sue Aikens. Her story will help you with your golf game.

It Was The Best Of Times… – The finals at this year’s Q-School had the best and the worst for some players. Missed short putts were the bane of more than a few, but an expanded number of cards through a fluke were a blessing.

Tiger By The Tail – Tiger lost a tournament he wasn’t supposed to lose, to a player who wasn’t supposed to beat him. Funny, that game of golf…and a great laboratory for mastery.

Deep In Thought – There’s consciousness and then there’s consciousness. It’s really amazing what it takes to get people’s attention. And makes you wonder what it takes to get yours.

So Many Stories – The PGA Tour Q-School is a very personal time of the year, not only for the players, but for the people who know them.

November 2010

Anger – Where it comes from and what to do about it.

Expectations – Even if you have a bad hole or round in a tournament, it’s hard to be thrown off your game if you expect to play well.

Golf Thanksgiving – A seasonal piece but maybe a good thing to keep in mind year round…just for a little perspective.

Fun With Statistics – Not a lot of original writing here, but I find that I keep coming back to these links: fascinating.

Does Length Matter? – Do you have to be 6’2” and 190 pounds to be a great player on the PGA Tour? Meet a master who makes the case that you don’t.

The Power Of Intention – There’s a whole world out there beyond your swing bubble.

Being With Brave Men – Thank God for good men. Thank God for brave men.

Something In The Way She Moves – In celebration of women in golf.

The Road Warriors – It’s one thing to play a good round at the club. But how about after dragging over a hundred pounds of luggage across multiple time zones?

Victory Isn’t Always A Win – If you had a choice between a victory or a victorious life, which would you choose?

Ducks On The Water – Looking at Tour scorecards on a hole-by-hole basis, it can be surprising to discover how much ebb and flow there is in good rounds. How do they do that?

October 2010

Loving Excellence – No matter who is a stand for excellence or produces it.

The Elusive Moment – Swing thoughts or being in the moment? And just what does being in the moment mean? And just how deep can you get?

The Fall Series – The Interminable Wait – It’s one thing to show up on the first tee of a tournament ready to go for it. But what if it’s the tournament that may decide if there will be others? What do you do to get ready in the weeks leading up to that moment?

Mastery Sunday – Mr. Houston, The Old Guy – Age is relative. Just look at rickety, “old” Fred Couples. Couldn’t do any better than shoot a 63. Must be over for him.

The Winner’s Curse– Winning is a blessing, ask any Tour Pro. But it can also be a curse; what do you do for an encore? And what a schlub if you don’t win.

The Home Game – You’d think that would be a good thing. But it can be yet another way the ego interferes with consciousness.

The Long and Winding Road – Sometimes when you start something, you don’t really appreciate how long it’s going to take. Take for instance becoming a PGA Tour player with longevity.

Drip, Drip, Drip… – Once the inevitability of a bad round presents itself, there’s no hope of turning it around, right? Rocco Mediate demonstrated emphatically that if you just stay in the moment, miraculous things are possible.

Target, Ball, Club, Body – When golf is at its best, it winnows down to just four things. The question is, can you leave all the other stuff behind?

Lies The Ego Tells – What can the hit History Channel series, Ice Road Truckers tell us about the way the ego gets us into to trouble in golf? As much as any other aspect of life. It’s all the same, this just happened to be on video.

The Big Break Food Fight – It’s one thing to become completely enrolled in soaring rhetoric about higher levels of consciousness. But it’s just as valuable to see a perfect example of what it’s not.

Practicing Practicing – We all want definitive certainty. The problem is that the world of consciousness exists in shades of gray. It helps the process when you know it.

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