Reading this collection of initial posts will bring you up to date on the point of view and concepts of the blog and get you into the flow of the conversation.

Where We’re Going – The first post. It lays out the rationale and direction of the blog.

About This Zone Thing – The first to distinguish our essential selves and our egos and how one tries to dominate the other.

Transformation – In Defense of Michelle Wie – The transformation process and how it emboldens effort and accelerates results.

The Organic Golf Game – A day in a life. What it takes to put together a comprehensive golf game–and then maintain it.

Embarrassment – What if we never got embarrassed on a golf course? Another exploration of how ego factors into the game.

Managing Expectations – Nowhere else in the game do we expect so much. A little perspective in putting please.

“Know How” versus “Mind How” – On the possibility that it isn’t always so much what you know…and that control isn’t all its made out to be.

Who Are You Really? – A deeper exploration of essence, ego and performance. What if it was possible to play from the best in yourself?

Taking Blame Out of The Game – Giving Hunter Mahan a reprieve from the guillotine for “losing” the Ryder Cup.

Looking Into Consciousness – A deeper look at our spiritual nature and how to bring it to the game. There’s not just consciousness, there are levels of consciousness.

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  1. Lee says:

    Jason’s performance in this wonderful PGA drama on Sunday was a class act from start to finish. David Pelz, the putting guru, makes the point in his writing, teaching, and classes that amateurs typically under read the majority of their puts, missing on the low side. His point is quite clear and makes sense. Puts just do not often drop in from the low side, breaking away from the cup. So I am always surprised to see so many tour pros in the heat of competition missing their puts on the amateur side. (Jason on first playoff hole, 16). Given the coaching they have available, their caddy’s help, and the practice time they put in putting, I wonder why this trend continues year in and year out.

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