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The Closed Shop Open

The PGA Tour hasn’t fully articulated the reasons why, but they are about to snuff out the dreams of a lot of prospective players. They are about to make the PGA Tour a “closed shop;” the kid you know who … Continue reading

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PGA Tour Q-School Finals

The “Fall Classic” is upon the PGA Tour again today, the last chance to earn a Tour card for 2012. All the other easy last chances have long since come and gone. There were all four tournaments in the Fall … Continue reading

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Paying Attention to Heartbeats

Chris Kirk is the latest newly-minted PGA Tour winner. While all the big stars were over in England leaning in to the worst summer weather the North Sea could visit upon Royal St. George’s, the remainder of the Tour was … Continue reading

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People Have No Idea

About three years into my Monday qualifying days on the Champions Tour, I got some insight on the cluelessness that many amateurs have about the competitive abilities of professional golfers. I was on the practice putting green at the White Columns … Continue reading

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